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DOMVS Estate Agents in Dorset provides in-depth relocation support to those seeking a new life in Dorset. Whether a coastal or country move, DOMVS will help get you relocated, seamlessly.

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It’s no wonder that Dorset has become one of the UK’s most popular destinations for those looking to relocate from out of the City, or further afield from the rest of the country and beyond.

With the World Heritage Jurassic coastline, sweeping countryside and bustling towns, Dorset offers something for everyone, but relocating to a different part of the country or world can be a daunting experience with lots to consider. 

Deciding which areas suit your lifestyle and finding a property to buy or rent certainly comes with its challenges if you’re unfamiliar with the locality, so having a knowledgeable expert, on your side, to guide and support you through the process is invaluable. We can help.

How the DOMVS team can help with your Dorset Relocation

The Relocations Team at DOMVS is on hand to provide you with everything you need for a smooth relocation to Dorset – and it’s completely free from start to finish. The first step is to book an initial consultation, which can take place face-to-face in one of our offices, via a zoom meeting or alternatively, over the phone. 

We’ll take the time to listen to all of your requirements including all your ‘must-haves’, your ‘nice-to-haves’ and anything you want to avoid. If you haven’t decided on an area yet, we can suggest places that suit your lifestyle. If you haven’t already thought about schools, we can advise on catchment areas or entry requirements. And if commuting is important, then we can factor that into your search too. We’ll take everything into account and give clear guidance on what’s achievable within your budget and ensure that every viewing you attend, will tick most of your boxes.

Often, having listened carefully to your requirements, we can identify specific areas, or even roads that offer you everything you need and if there isn’t a property for sale or rent at that time, we will see if we can source one for you by using our hard-won connections in the local Dorset market. 

Given that demand for property in Dorset is in high demand, it’s not uncommon for us to broker a sale without the property even coming onto the market, so you’ll certainly benefit from being registered to buy or rent a Dorset property with DOMVS.

Corporate Services

The DOMVS Corporate & Relocation Services Team works with local businesses and organisations to provide bespoke homefinding solutions for their employees. As a result, DOMVS is very often the first port of call for employees seeking new accommodation in Dorset.

Lettings Relocation Services

The Lettings arm of the Relocation Desk helps tenants relocating to Dorset. Whether full-time, temporary or contract workers, taking on a secondment or relocating to Dorset permanently, our Relocations team will support the process at every stage.

Making the Move

DOMVS estate agency in Dorset has access to many different types of properties for sale, whether it’s equestrian propertycoastal property or perhaps a new home in Dorset, we will usually have something for everyone.

We also have relationships with many other businesses, advisers and schools who can make the process as smooth as possible. In particular, we can highly recommend Sunninghill Prep, who also have their own Relocation Services.

Our Relocation People

Shireen’s passion for property along with her client-first mentality and commitment to upholding personal ethics have been the defining foundations of her career. Having a front-row seat through so many of her clients’ milestone moments, is the driving factor in Shireen’s experienced and successful career.

Shireen MacDonald

Manager, Dorchester

Katie's passion for property started at a young age. Having been brought up in the countryside within the farming community, she has always been familiar with the lettings world. Katie has multiple years’ experience and takes great pleasure in providing a high-level service, ensuring the rental process is stress-free for both Landlords and Tenants. Outside work, Katie enjoys watching rugby and supporting her family's charity.

Katie Starkey

Head of Lettings

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