The Whisper List

The DOMVS Whisper List contains the names and addresses of local people who are planning to sell their property, but not (yet) on the open market.

Why do Sellers Join the Whisper List?

Local sellers usually join the Whisper List for one of several reasons, as detailed below:

1) Discreet Marketing

Some sellers prefer to market their homes privately and anonymously. This means no for-sale board, no listing on Rightmove and no advertising on any print or digital platforms, yet it can still be a highly effective and profitable way of selling property. All discreetly marketed properties will be added to the password-protected Whisper Listings page on the DOMVS website. To read more, visit our Discreet Marketing page.

2) Tentative Selling

This method of selling is for those who are at the ‘chicken-&-egg’ stage of moving. They can’t decide whether to wait for their dream home to come onto the market, or get their property sold now, so they’re in the best position to secure the property, ahead of the competition. It’s not uncommon, and to help eliminate some of this stress, we’re helping local sellers to get market-ready prior to a wider launch. Their property will be published on our Whisper Listings page until they’re ready – unless we’ve sold their property before it gets to that point.

Why do Buyers Join the Whisper List?

There are many different reasons why a select number of buyers are given exclusive access to our Whisper Listings. Here are just a few:
1) Tentative Buyers Tentative buyers will fall into this category for the same reason as the sellers described above. They have every intention of moving for the right property, but simply waiting for their dream home to become available before securing a buyer for their own local residence. 2) Relocating to Dorset Buyers working with our Relocations Team have access to our Whisper Listings and will be introduced to properties in circumstances where they can work to the sellers moving objectives. Navigating the complexities of relocating to Dorset can be a headache and our team aims to make the transition as smooth as possible. 3) Retained Buyers Buyers who have retained the services of DOMVS to find their next property, will automatically be given access to our Whisper Listings in addition to the support you can expect from being a retained buyer. Click the link for more information about our Retained Buyer services.


If any of the above scenarios suits your current position, you can apply to have your property added to The Whisper Listings page, or to have access to our exclusive listings, by contacting our office, where we will be happy to talk you through the process in more detail. 

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