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Discreet Marketing

Discreet marketing, or selling a property ‘off-market’ has become increasingly popular over the years and can be an effective, profitable way of selling a property without launching to the open market.

Homeowners choosing to sell discreetly, will need the support of an estate agent with extensive, direct access to the right types of buyers, and the success of the sale will be entirely dependent on these connections. Unlike openly-marketed properties, discreet marketing won’t utilise traditional selling tactics, such as digital exposure, window displays or for sale boards.

Why do Sellers Opt for Discreet Marketing?

In most cases, a seller will choose to sell off-market to avoid publicity. In our experience, it’s the high-profile or high-networth individuals who prefer an anonymous sale, and with discreet marketing, they’ll only be introduced to buyers who fulfil certain criteria. In other cases, sellers might simply be looking to have minimal disruption to their busy lives and avoid the selling, viewing and potentially lengthy negotiation process.

How Common are Off-Market Property Sales?

The number of homes sold off-market reached an all-time high following the pandemic. This was partly due to a fiercely competitive marketplace that resulted in many house sales being agreed, prior to being launched, but also suited vendors who wanted to avoid the selling, viewing and potentially lengthy negotiation process. Off-market sales will inevitably be less common when the market is not as buoyant, but there will always be the need for discreet marketing for reasons mentioned above.

Why use DOMVS’ Discreet Marketing Services?

Each of our offices will tap into their well-nurtured network of appropriate buyers to discreetly and selectively introduce the property. We will carefully consider each introduction to ensure they are the right ‘fit’ for the property, as well as their financial capability and are able to comply with the timescales required by the seller. Where appropriate, we may also use the strength of our 800-strong network of Guild offices around the UK, as well as our close relationship with The Mayfair Office, to reach London buyers.

Sellers who have opted to market their property discreetly, will always have their property added to our Whisper Listings. This list includes a brief description of the accommodation and area, but does not include photos and buyers will need to be pre-qualified by a member of the DOMVS team before receiving more in-depth details of the house.

Once negotiations have concluded, solicitors will be instructed in the usual manner while the sale proceeds to a completion. Every step of the process is coordinated with meticulous sensitivity and discretion. Whether you are looking to buy or sell anonymously, DOMVS can be trusted to act confidentially and professionally at all times and is happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement when required.

Some Recent Successes

A Coastal Property Story

A beautiful property in an utterly stunning location with 180-degree views of the Dorset coastline. The house had had considerable publicity over the years; famed for its coastal gardens and having been in the family for two generations. On this occasion, the owners wished to dispose of it quietly and with minimal fuss. They did not relish the thought of the property being on the open market and were delighted to use our Discreet Marketing Service. Three potential buyers were carefully chosen and the successful buyer was prepared to give the owners one last summer there and wait before taking occupation in early autumn. Both parties were delighted; the buyer found the house of his dreams and the owners were able to quietly move on with their future plans.

An Urban Property Story

A well-known local businessman and his wife had owned their property for over 20 years. They wished to move, in their words, ‘without fanfare’. We prepared a brochure, complete with beautiful imagery and floorplans, and then introduced two couples who we felt both understood the owners’ desire for privacy and had the financial ability to move without complication. In less than four weeks, the sale was exchanged with an extended date for completion to suit the owners’ ongoing purchase.

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