Equestrian properties for sale

What is an Equestrian Property?

Equestrian properties come in different guises, including small one-acre paddocks, secluded pasture with shelter, a few acres of land with stables, country estates or even Olympic-standard equestrian facilities.

Properties that are used for equestrian purposes should comply with the regulations set out by the Town & Country Planning Act 1990. Generally, land that is used for anything other than simply horse-grazing, such as exercising, feeding, riding etc, will be classified as Equestrian, rather than just ‘agricultural’ and any permanent equine structure will have needed the required planning permission prior to erection.

Selling an equestrian property is quite different from selling a purely residential property and the types of buyers can be very specific too. As equestrian property specialists we know that people have additional requirements when seeking a home for both themselves and their horses, and we work hard to match the perfect equestrian property, with the perfect equestrian buyer.

Do you have an Equestrian Property to sell?

 If you have an equestrian property to sell in Dorset, you’ll need the expertise of a well versed estate agent, with extensive experience and knowledge of selling equestrian estates. DOMVS understands the complexities and additional requirements that come with selling an equestrian property so if you are considering selling, and would like a free valuation, please contact us to find out about the specialist services we offer, either by calling the office, or sending an online enquiry.

Equestrian Properties For Sale

If you’re looking to buy a property that has enough space for you and your horse, then feel free to speak to the team at DOMVS to discuss your requirements.

 If you simply need enough space for a horse to graze, your next home may not need to be registered as an ‘equestrian property’, but perhaps have just enough land (usually one acre per horse, as a minimum) for your horse to roam. However, if you’re seeking a ready-made equestrian property, suitable for riding or teaching for example, or a property that has the potential to turn into an equestrian site, then we recommend you get registered with our team, as many equestrian properties are sold off-market, due to current high demands.

In the meantime, you can view all our available equestrian properties below.

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