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It’s skin rejuvenation time again at Sarah Dale Aesthetics

With winter upon us, it’s that time of year when we start putting on more layers and turning up the heating to keep the cold out. The change of season means our skin can feel a little drier, and as we look in the mirror, we might notice the effects of the summer months on our skin. It’s one of the busiest times at the clinic, as our regular customers make their ‘after summer’ appointments, coming in for their laser skin rejuvenation treatment.

What are they getting?
• Age spots (sun damage) removed
• Spider veins treated until they disappear
• Redness and uneven pigment improved
• Boosted collagen production
• Reduction of fine lines

And the results? A lighter, brighter and more even complexion, which equals healthy-looking skin! If you don’t know about this top-of-the-range treatment and its benefits, book in for a free consultation with any of our clinicians to discuss how we can help you towards clear, glowing skin.

As a pro-aging clinic, we are so pleased the message is now out there that our skins need protecting from the harmful (and aging) rays of the sun. This year we have been blessed with lots of sunshine, with many of us enjoying more time outside than usual. It seems much easier for us all to remember our sunscreen when it’s warm and sunny. Beware – the danger is still out there during the autumn and winter months. Damaging light from both the weak winter sun and our mobile devices is still breaking through to our skin. We promote all-year-round use of a sunscreen with at least 50 SPF. The brilliant Heliocare range, which includes tinted creams for the face, all offer 50 SPF protection. Prevention is always better than cure; keep using the sunscreen, come rain or shine, and take advantage of our special offer of 15% off the full Heliocare range with offer code SKINSAFE.

We’ve just mentioned one of our treatments and one of our product ranges, but there is so much more on offer at Sarah Dale Aesthetics. Our Aesthetics Skin and Laser Clinic is a nurse-led clinic, with experienced clinicians using medical grade machines to offer advanced skincare for face and body, permanent hair removal and non-surgical treatments. Our product ranges (Medik8 and Noon) have been carefully researched and chosen to complement our treatments, and all staff have been trained to give you advice on the best products for you. Check out our website for a full list of our treatments and don’t forget we offer complimentary consultations, so book yours now.

Following months of closure this year, we are delighted to have welcomed back our loyal clients and lots of new ones too. In common with so many businesses, we have worked hard to get everything in place to ensure we operate in a safe way. We are so grateful to have been able to retain all our staff and that our appointments are, yet again, in great demand.

Sarah, Tanya, Milly, Annie (our clinicians) and Julie, Beth, Lucy, Gerry and Ellie (the reception team) look forward to seeing you soon.

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T. 01305 269220

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