Value of a Beach Hut

The Value of a Beach Hut

Written by John Beauchamp, Head of Sales for DOMVS Estate Agents in Swanage

A beach hut is more than just a simple structure; it’s a tranquil, private sanctuary by the sea, which can be enjoyed all-year round. The best thing about a beach hut however, is while you’re escaping the chaos of everyday life, you’re also accumulating impressive capital growth.

Beach huts are now considered ‘prime coastal real estate’. With unobstructed views of the ocean and direct access to the beach, the value of these sought-after huts has significantly risen over time. And when they’re not used for personal enjoyment, they are very often in high rental demand, so can be a profitable asset. Locally, those with even the most basic amenities can command upwards of £200 per week in the height of summer.

It’s no secret that beach huts are considered a smart investment. According to Rightmove, the average value of a beach hut in the UK has increased 51% between 2019 and 2021, going from £25,000 to £40,000. More recent data suggests that prices have increased a further 43% in the year to June 2023. In Dorset however, where some of the most expensive beach huts in Europe are located, the average value of a beach hut is considerably higher. Incredibly, the huts on Mudeford Spit, close to Hengistbury Head, are currently achieving in the region of half a million pounds!

The post-pandemic appeal of domestic holidays, the static supply, the increasing popularity of cold water sports and the long, hot summer of 2022 have all contributed to the increasing value of a beach hut, and many commentators do not see this wavering in the coming years. Jonathan Rolande from the National Association of Property Buyers says ‘The interest in beach huts is fast emerging as one of the most remarkable trends in the property market right now. People are literally queueing up to buy them in some places, with bidding wars taking place in many cases.’

Whether you’re there to sip your morning coffee while watching the sunrise or to enjoy a lazy afternoon in the sun, it’s hard to imagine anything better than the rhythmic sound of the ocean and the invigorating sea breeze at your disposal. They are in such high demand and with so few ever coming onto the market, if you do happen to see a beach hut for sale, then I’d suggest it would be a very wise investment.

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