Top Tips for Moving with Children into Rented Accommodation

Property rental is becoming more and more common and people are renting for all sorts of reasons – careers moves, bridging the gap between property sale and purchase, or trying before you buy.

Moving into a new home can be unsettling at the best of times; even more so if you are a child and your parents are frantically unpacking boxes all around you. The feeling of uncertainty and trying to acclimatise to unknown surrounding can be daunting. Here at DOMVS we’ve taken some time to consider some ways that you can ease the pressure and distract the little people in your lives to help make them feel settled and a home as soon as possible however long or short-term this move might be.

Keep things as normal as possible

Maintain family routines t0 a simple meal around the familiar dining table gives children the opportunity to discuss any worries they may have. Get your fridge-freezer stocked up with all the necessities so that your house feels normal and like home. Make it a priority to build children’s beds and get them into their correct rooms on move in day; it’s surprising what a good night’s sleep will do for family morale. Being able to get their hands on a small box of familiar toys and a favourite teddy can make their new surroundings feel a lot less daunting.

Hit the ground running

Prior to your move get registered at the local Leisure Centre, Library, Doctor/Dentist. Ensure that you sign up to and continue any hobbies or interests that your child was committed to at your previous home. Make an appointment to visit your child’s new school, and take your child(ren) along with you so that they can familiarise themselves with the building and new faces in preparation for their first day. If possible make contact with another parent in your child’s new class and set up a play/coffee date so that you and your child have a friendly face to say hello to at the school gates.

At home

Involve your children in decisions at home. Ask them for their input on furniture layout. Perhaps ask them to choose some new bedding and pictures for their room s0 this process is exciting and will make them feel invested in this home (*these are also items which can easily be moved in the future if necessary). Make your new place homely; simple touches like soft furnishings, fairy lights in their bedroom, a pot plant here and there will make your new home feel more embracing.

Talk to each other

Whether this rented accommodation is a stop-gap whilst you wait for your property purchase to go through, a short term let or a long-term lease, it is important to keep your children in the loop. When the time comes for you to move to a new property, be open with them, include them in discussions and ask them for their input and opinions on the next property.

Moving home needn’t be stressful. With these top tips, we hope you’ll be very happy in your new home:

  • Maintain routines, from mealtimes to playtime to bedtime – all will help your child feel more settled
  • Embrace your new community – register at the library, get activity ideas at the village hall, town noticeboard/website, invite new friends round for a cuppa/children’s friends for a playdate.
  • Communicate – involve your children in decisions in your new home, ask them if there’s anything that would help them feel more settled, and be honest if you need to move again.
  • Make your new home comfortable and homely – simple touches can make the world of difference.
  • Contact your local DOMVS agent to view our impressive list of wonderful rental properties.

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