The Country is Back

A tide that has turned in the post pandemic property market.  Polly Greenway, DOMVS Director, explains.

Suburbs were a great idea: so good in fact that during the 1930s over four million new suburban houses were built in England, Scotland and Wales – making the UK at the time the most heavily sub-urbanised nation in the world. The suburbs offered space, health and a new life to millions of people who felt tired, squeezed and vulnerable living in inner cities. Suburbs became the lungs of cities, places where people could breathe, live in well-designed, comfortable homes and enjoy their gardens. Human tides have flowed back and forth into our cities and out again since the industrial revolution. The latest wave out to the suburbs has undoubtedly been triggered by coronavirus.

In post Covid ,Britain’s countryside is now in vogue, with a generation wanting to leave the city, they have proved they can work from home. Big companies are re-evaluating the need to lease big office spaces and with many employees now working from home, the lure of the countryside – waking up to birdsong, rather than traffic – has become extremely important.

So now a new generation is following in the footsteps of their forefathers and learning that the countryside has much to offer – from room to breathe to reasonably priced homes offering space and versatility, to homes set in acres with the odd barn thrown in to make working from home that little bit special.

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Polly Greenway

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