Press Release | DOMVS Estate Agency Launches Scheme to Support the St Nicholas Worth Church Roof Appeal

Press Release | DOMVS Estate Agency Launches Scheme to Support the St Nicholas Worth Church Roof Appeal

DOMVS estate agency in Swanage is launching a 10x10x10 scheme to support the St Nicholas Worth Church’s roof project. DOMVS has pledged to donate 10% of its commission for the first 10 participating house sales with the aim of raising £10,000.

John Beauchamp from DOMVS says ‘As a supporter and bell-ringer of the St Nicholas Worth Church, I am delighted to help with this initiative. The church and its patrons achieved so much in raising money to restore the roof and it’s wonderful to help them get over the line. Our pledge to donate 10% of our commission from the first ten houses registered for sale in designated Purbeck postcodes to the St Nicholas Church Roof fund is anticipated to raise £10,000 towards that goal’.

The St Nicholas Worth Church Roof Appeal has been a cause close to the hearts of the community, and DOMVS’s decision to step forward as a supporter has been met with overwhelming appreciation. 

Rev James Mercer says ‘This initiative highlights the significance of local businesses taking active roles in safeguarding cultural and historical landmarks. It is an example of what can be achieved when businesses and communities unite for a common cause. We are immensely grateful to John and the DOMVS team for their support and look forward to continuing the preservation of our much-loved church’. 

Local homeowners with property located in specific postcodes* are invited to contact John on [email protected] and quoting the St Nicholas Worth Church’s roof project. The house cannot already be registered on our database and the 10% commission will be payable to the church fund on completion of the sale. 

Postcodes included are: BH10 and BH20 5JS, BH20 5LG, BH20 5LH, BH20 5LJ, BH20 5LL, BH20 5LN, BH20 5LP, BH20 5LQ, BH20 5LR, BH20 5LW, BH20 5PD, BH20 5PE, BH20 5PF, BH20 5PG, BH20 5PH.

Media Contact

John Beauchamp, Consultant Agent, DOMVS

T. 01929 501500

E. [email protected]


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