Sell Your Home Before Christmas

There are just 60 days until Christmas (at the time of writing), but still enough time to sell your home if you get it on the market now!

Here are 8 tips to sell your home before Christmas:

1. Choose an agent with clear experience and dedication to handle this most important transaction on your behalf. A skilful agent is key to ensuring you get the right result so it’s important to make the right choice.

2. Choose an experienced solicitor who will personally deal with your sale right the way through from agreeing the sale to completion. Having a solicitor on hand who can deal with issues as they arise, rather than be lost in a large team where you never know who’s dealing with your case, can add frustration and delay. Being able to visit your solicitor can also be really useful when time is critical.

3. Start pulling your paperwork together so that your solicitor can send out a draft contract to your buyer in the quickest possible time

4. Ask your solicitor to apply for the Local Search rather than waiting for your buyer’s solicitor to do it. The comparatively minimal cost can save considerable time while Local Authorities are currently under so much pressure to deliver local search results and this will give you a head start on the sales progression process.

5. Ensure your agent suggests to your buyer they consider taking out a search indemnity insurance in case the Local Search result is not back in time.

6. Get your house ready for sale and attend to any minor repair works that may come up in a survey. Here are some recent top tips for preparing your house for sale.

7. Obtain quotations from a reputable removals company and start deciding what you’re not going to take with you. Off-load any unwanted possessions straight away.

8. Leave it to your agent: let them determine the best strategy for achieving the best price and let them deal with all the viewings and negotiations. A skilful agent who knows what they’re doing is key to achieving the best possible result for you. Choose wisely.

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