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Polly Greenway of DOMVS describes the steps a seller can take to achieve a successful property sale during and after the Coronavirus pandemic.

Spring buds are appearing and now is a perfect time to think about selling your home. Or it should be. Yet we are now consumed with thoughts about Coronavirus. What should we do? As the country deals with the virus threat, there are lots of positive things you can do to prepare your property for the market, once the threat has passed.

So use these weeks ahead to take a step back and try to see your property through a buyer’s eyes.

Estate agents have always talked about kerb appeal – how well a property looks to a passer-by. This is still important. But more so, in this day and age, is screen appeal. Your property is going to be seen by far more potential buyers via a mobile or desktop device nowadays – especially given our guided virtual property tour:  think Kirsty or Phil and you get the picture!   Today very few people in the first flush of interest will walk or drive past your home. They will view your property on screen.

There are great benefits to this.  On-screen, you have the opportunity to present your property at its very best all the time, regardless of weather and other detrimental factors. Photographs of your property can be taken on a lovely bright day with the sun in just the right direction. Your images will be captured when the garden is tidy, with no cars in the drive or bins in the way – and your windows can be sparkling clean. In other words, you have control of what people see on screen in a way that you can’t when someone is randomly driving past.

So make full use of this opportunity. Remember, if a buyer doesn’t think you are proud of your property, why would they be interested in buying it?  Your property deserves to look its best. You want to make a good impression.

At DOMVS we put good photography first.  We have a long-standing working relationship with an exceptional professional photographer who takes editorial-quality property photography from small studio apartments through to country estates, in addition our photographer can take elevated and twilight imagery and drone filming. We never use smartphones to take these important images as some firms do.  We advise you how to make your property look the best it can for when that important buyer comes calling online.  We understand how vital it is to make a good first impression – after all you never get a second chance.

If you need advice about selling or letting your property contact us, we’re ready when you are.

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