“I Wish I’d Found You Earlier!”

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“I wish I’d found you earlier!” is a statement we hear regularly from our clients. It always gets us thinking about how our clients begin their skin journey with us. For some, they feel they have a particular skin problem they want to resolve or relieve, such as a breakout of acne or rosacea. For many others, it’s an up-coming event that leads them to ask friends for a recommendation or search the web to find treatments to give their skin a boost to ensure they look their best on that special day.

The Wedding

There is nothing like a family wedding to trigger action. SDA offers the wonderful Venus Freeze treatment for glowing skin on the day. If you’re planning ahead, it’s recommended you have a series of treatments to give the best cumulative results. Venus Freeze combines Radio Frequency and Magnetic Pulse to tighten and lift the skin and refine its texture. As we age, our skin loses elasticity. The popular Venus Freeze works on the face and neck, lifting and tightening the skin, resulting in wrinkle reduction. New collagen and elastin fibres are formed, the existing collagen in the skin contracts (causing the skin to look and feel firmer) and the elastin fibre unravels (making the skin more elastic). Venus Freeze is a favourite with our long-established clients, who often have a treatment the day before an event, giving extra glow and uplift immediately.

The Holiday

It’s often when a longer, special holiday is in the planning that permanent hair reduction/removal comes to mind for our clients. The thought of nicks and cuts or the use of smelly creams to keep smooth and beach body gorgeous can draw clients to our door. We offer non-invasive, permanent hair removal for all areas of the body. Unwanted hair can be removed very quickly. Treatment of the upper lip takes approximately five minutes, and the back or legs takes less than 20 minutes. Hair removal is accomplished by creating a heat reaction in the hair follicle which destroys the growing cells that make the hair. Plan ahead and throw away those razors and creams before your next holiday.

The Empty Nest

When the last child leaves home, there is often more time for our clients to consider themselves. Perhaps catching sight of their reflection in a mirror causes them to notice some of the tell-tale signs of aging. Creases are a little deeper, sun damage (pigmentation or age spots) is appearing and there’s a dullness not noticed before. This is just the time to come for a consultation with one of our experienced clinicians who will talk you through our IPL Rejuvenation treatments. Skin Rejuvenation is the process of removing sun damage, stimulating new cell growth and increasing collagen production. With no down-time or after effects, a client may wish to have a one-off IPL treatment to freshen their skin for an important event, or many visit more frequently to gain the cumulative effects. These are just a few examples of why our clients ‘find us’. All treatments can be complimented with an at-home skincare programme using products from our ranges, which include Medik8, Noon and Heliocare. We would love to see you soon. We offer complimentary consultations with all our clinicians, so you can determine the best solution for you, and we cater for all different skin types and lifestyles.

Put your skin in our experienced and safe hands. We pride ourselves on our welcoming and specialist care, tailored to meet your individual needs. sarahdaleaesthetics.com facebook.com/sarahdaleaesthetics

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