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Meet Naked Sprout, the Dorset-based company saving the world one roll at a time

Based on Portland and delivering to your door, Naked Sprout is the first company in the UK to offer naked and unbleached bamboo toilet roll. Reducing deforestation, their soft, sustainable toilet rolls provide an eco-friendly alternative with no unnecessary packaging.

Normal toilet roll contains numerous chemicals including
bleach, BPA, formaldehyde, de-inking agents, chlorine dioxide, sodium sulphide, sodium hydroxide, sodium sulphate, anti-slime agents, filler, adhesives, wet strength enhancers and more. It poisons waterways, damages the environment and is bad for human health and wildlife.

The Naked Sprout solution is simple; zero bleach, zero plastic, zero chemicals. Their plastic and chemical-free toilet roll is made from 100% natural unbleached bamboo with absolutely no additives. Passionate about offering a sustainable alternative with less environmental impact, Naked Sprout plans to make a difference. By making a small everyday change to the products we buy, like toilet roll, we can all help make a difference.

“At Naked Sprout, we saw the damage regular toilet roll has on the environment. We are passionate about offering a sustainable alternative with less environmental impact. Together we can make a difference.” Tom Whelan, Founder

Why bamboo?

• Fastest growing plant in the world (Guinness World Record)

• Absorbs five times more carbon dioxide than trees

• Produces 35% more oxygen than trees

• Requires no pesticides or fertilizers

• Grows naturally – only needs rainwater

• Harvestable within four-six years. Trees take 30-60 years to mature

Keen to do as much as they can, Naked Sprout have partnered with ‘Just a Drop’, a charity that’s transforming lives – one box of Naked Sprout toilet roll at a time. Each box sold gives a child in Kenya access to safe water at school for one year. By supplying safe water to a school, children are able to stay in school and receive the education they deserve. Frequently, children
have to walk for hours to fetch water to bring to school, resulting in missed lessons, dehydration and fatigue. In over 30 countries ‘Just a Drop’ transforms lives by implementing sustainable clean water, sanitation and hygiene solutions. Supporting over 1.5 million people worldwide.

• 100% virgin sustainable bamboo

• No chemicals, bleach or plastic

• Same cost per sheet as leading brands

• Free delivery

• Extra long rolls – 300 sheets

• Soft 3-ply

• 9, 24 and 48-roll boxes available

For more information and to buy online, please visit

You can also find them on Facebook at and on Instagram at

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