Ringstead Cliff Tops

One of the best ways to blow away the cobwebs after a week’s work – this is one of my favourites!

The beach itself is a stunning, secret spot, only really known to the locals, which means you’re guaranteed a bit of space. So, after having woken up and realized that, for once, it wasn’t raining I grabbed the children, threw them in the car. We were at the Ringstead Beach car park before they had barely woken up!

After a few minutes of a fresh sea breeze, everyone was wide awake and we were off.

From the car, you can either walk to the East down the beach and down to the headland, or, as we did head West up and along the cliffs to Osmington. The path takes you along a couple of stunning beach front properties and through a thicket, over the river, and up to the fields. The mixture of rain and mud made puddle-jumping a necessity!

The walk itself isn’t particularly long, it’s a great place to walk the dog, or simply find a few moments’ peace and quiet.

The first part is slightly wooded, backing onto fields, but you feel as though you’re leaving civilisation behind. On a stormy day, the thick vegetation shields you from the worst of the weather, and on a warm day the path if bursting with wildlife.

After a couple of ups and downs, the last ‘up’ leads onto the fields at the top of the cliff. The view is stunning! From here you get such a sense of history and, standing with your back to the pillbox, the life that surrounds this coast. The reef that runs parallel to the beach is clearly visible at low tide, and so are a couple of ship wrecks, off in the distance is Weymouth and Portland.

Every time I come here I can’t help but think of number and the significance of the historical events that have happened in front of this very spot. Forts, such as Nothe, are a reminder of the Napoleonic wars, right up to WWII. Then there’s Portland habour, once a home of the Royal Navy and, most recently, stadium for Olympic sailing. Somehow, the pillbox behind me makes all this history feel really rather personal.

For some, a brisk walk up this point and back along the beach is enough, however, it was early and breakfast was calling. Luckily, if you persevere, there is a public house, boardering a river, at the end offering the perfect opportunity for a pit-stop.

Having made it back to the car, fit to burst, it was time to watch the rugby!

Picture of Polly Greenway

Polly Greenway

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