How to prepare your home for sale 

How to prepare your home for sale 

Getting prepared to sell a home can be daunting, with some guides insisting that properties should be absolutely immaculate before marketing. Ideally, yes, a home will always look its best for viewings, but we appreciate that this isn’t always practical. Life must go on, even if the home is being sold. 

Top 5 Tips for Preparing Your Home for Sale

To help with the overwhelm of getting ready to sell your property, we have written our Top Five pointers to help you stay focused on the most important aspects. 

1. Declutter

Have you ever wondered why those eye-wateringly expensive houses on Rightmove look so empty? Well, it’s not because owners of large houses are minimalists. They have understood that after a good declutter, it is much easier for potential buyers to visualise the space and get a feel for the house. We’re not suggesting that you eliminate everything that makes the house your home, but a de-clutter is essential. It will help to create an environment that allows prospective buyers to imagine living there instead of being distracted by someone else’s personal belongings.

2. Clean

It seems obvious, but a deep clean of your house when putting it up for sale is crucial for creating a positive first impression. It will enhance the visual appeal and maximise the perceived value. Ultimately, it will lead to a smoother selling process with greater buyer interest. A shiny bathroom goes a long way and all areas should be considered.

3. Repair

Small issues can be off-putting for buyers. Especially if a similar house, for a similar price, appears to be blemish-free. Once an offer has been agreed, a surveyor will be vigilant in identifying cracks, loose tiles, and similar issues. Fixing these small flaws can avoid giving the buyer leverage to re-negotiate the price further down the line. Indeed, requests for a post-survey price reduction can often be more costly than addressing the problem upfront. Filling in cracks, securing tiles and fixing broken blinds prior to marketing your home will all help.

4. Pets

We love our furry friends just as much as you. However, not everyone feels the same, so it’s best to make your pets as inconspicuous as possible. Litter trays, animal beds and food bowls should be moved out of the way. Also, ask your close friends to give you an honest opinion of how your house smells. As pet owners, we know only too well that you can become immune to your own home’s scent and being met with the stench of ‘damp dog’ can be very off-putting for some. If needed, make sure you light a candle or bake something delicious before any prospective buyers come for a viewing. 

5. Garden

Gardens and outside space are just as important as the main residence and shouldn’t be overlooked in your house-sale preparations. Think about all the points above and apply the same logic to the outside areas. Mend fences, tidy litter, remove dead plants, mow the lawn, jet-wash the patio and repair any chipped paintwork. And don’t forget the front garden too, for the all-important first impression!

More help with Preparing your Property For Sale – Property Clinics

There are many other factors to consider that haven’t been mentioned above. For example, if you have a study, should it be presented as an additional bedroom? Would it make a difference if a children’s playroom was turned into a cosy snug? All these answers will depend on who the property will be targeted to when it comes to selling and we can advise on all of these aspects. 

We hold property clinics with prospective sellers to provide advice, free of charge, that is specific to your home. If you’d like a brief chat with one of our valuers, you can book a 15-minute call to discuss preparing your home for sale. 

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