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Remember that old, worn ring languishing at the bottom of your jewellery box? Imagine bringing it back to life, to once again take sparkling pride of place on your finger or the hand of a loved one. Having your precious metal jewellery recycled, redesigned and remade is not just an exciting prospect, but an achievable reality.

What are the steps involved? First – and this is the part of the project most of my customers revel in – is the search for inspiration. Surf the internet for ideas and save images you love to mood boards on Pinterest; walk to your local church and take photos of the architecture or stained glass; or simply saunter around your garden and browse the flora. Inspiration can spring from anything, anywhere at any time, and your ideas help me come up with designs which are aesthetically and uniquely ‘you’.

Next, it’s time to book your free consultation (this is when it all starts to feel real!). You can contact me to organise an appointment via video call or in person at a location that allows for safe distancing. Due to the current restrictions, I will take all the information necessary for me to work on your designs at my workshop, after which I will email them to you for you to view at your leisure. Once we have found your dream design, I will provide you with a quote.

I begin the recycling process by melting down your old jewellery and pouring the molten metal into a small ingot. From this raw form, there are a variety of traditional techniques I can use to create your desired piece. I can also provide a price per gram for new, additional metal should you wish for something a little larger or weightier than your old piece of jewellery. If you would like photos or videos of the melting down of  your jewellery, or any other progress pictures, you need but ask! It’s important to me that my customers are as involved in the project as they want to be, every step of the way. My end goal is always to provide you with something beautiful, elegant, durable and sentimental, which is absolutely to your taste and can be worn and enjoyed for years to come.

Modification and Repair

Reimagining old jewellery doesn’t have to mean melting it down. There are many ways in which I can alter a piece to achieve the look you desire; rings can be resized, stones can be replaced, detailed alterations can be made to the metalwork, then there’s plating and polishing… the list goes on. Fall back in love with old or damaged jewellery by giving it some TLC and a renewed shine.

About Me

My name is Poppy Middleton, and I’m a traditionally trained goldsmith based in Weymouth, Dorset. I’ve had the best of both worlds regarding my training; I was traditionally trained as an apprentice by a recognised master goldsmith, and I graduated from Birmingham’s School of Jewellery, a university catered uniquely to teaching the design and production of jewellery. Having worked for various jewellers across the UK, I have now started my own business repairing, designing and making jewellery. I’m committed to making connections with people who are as passionate about their jewellery as I am.

To see more of my work, follow on Instagram or call me 07889624661

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