Houses For Sale in Studland & The Glebe Estate

Houses in Studland and the Glebe Estate

In total, just under 250 homes are in the village of Studland and Glebe Estate. The majority of these are classified as houses, rather than flats, and in the Glebe Estate, or Glebeland Estate as it has also been known, there are a total of 40 homes. Note that the turnover of houses for sale in Studland and the Glebe Estate is relatively low compared to other parts of Purbeck

The Glebe Estate is a private hamlet on the hillside with amazing views. Most of these houses are worth in excess of £1,000,000 and this area is home to some of the Purbeck’s most expensive properties. Interestingly, the Glebe Estate was used as an army camp during WW1, in which the chalets were later bought as holiday homes, before being replaced by the beautiful residences we see today. Prior to the war, the Glebe Estate belonged to the church. When it was sold, the local landowner wanted to buy it, but his agent missed the train, so he was unable to make a bid. Instead, it was sold to developers. The landscape of this beautiful peninsular could have been very different if it wasn’t for this ‘sliding doors’ moment!

 For more information about property prices in Studland, you can read more on our Studland Estate Agents page.

Selling Houses in Studland & The Glebe Estate

Studland and Glebe Estate are unlike other property markets. In these areas, properties are often sold off-market. This means they are discreetly offered to appropriate buyers, rather than extensively advertised online. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, the local property market is very intimate with many high-net-worth homeowners who prefer to keep their personal affairs private. Secondly, a high number of the area’s properties come with restrictive covenants, which often need to be handled delicately. 

For sellers who don’t want their impending sale to be broadcast to all and sundry, it’s reassuring to know there are other methods to attract the best buyers, and the DOMVS team is well-equipped to handle such sales. Supported by the Wareham estate agency office, John Beauchamp is the local property expert for the Studland and Glebe Estate. A local stalwart himself, he knows many, if not most, homeowners here. Likewise, John has vast connections to local and national buyers through his network, as well as his relationships with private relocation agents and buying agencies

If you’re considering selling a house in Studland or the Glebe Estate, John can be contacted on 01929 501500 or [email protected]. Alternatively, for an instant valuation of your home, click below.

Buying a House in Studland or the Glebe Estate?

If you have made the decision to buy a property in Studland or the Glebe Estate, and you’re not having much luck on the portals, such as Rightmove and OnTheMarket, it could be that your dream home hasn’t been launched to the open market. For this reason, it’s important to be registered with well-connected estate agencies, like DOMVS.

Exclusive to DOMVS, some properties in Studland are listed for sale on our Whisper List. This is a private list of local homeowners who have expressed their intention to sell when the time or the offer is right, and currently, there are a number of properties in Studland and the Glebe Estate available. Access to Whisper Listings is only available to pre-qualified buyers who have registered with our team. To start the process, click below.

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