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Grade Listed Properties

A property will be assigned a grade listing if it has a special architectural or historic interest, or has a close association to significant people or events, and is considered to be of national interest. This is so the property can be protected for future generations to enjoy. There are over half a million listed buildings in England alone, and these can be found on Historic England’s website.

Owning a listed property is a privilege but before buying or selling a listed property, it’s important to understand the responsibility that comes with the pleasure. Historical buildings are commonly split into two categories – Grade I and Grade II listed buildings, albeit most properties will fall into the latter category.

What is a Grade I Listed Property?

Grade 1 listed properties will have exceptional national, architectural or historical importance, such as Buckingham Palace or Tower Bridge. Residential premises are unlikely to fall into this category as only 2.5% of listed properties are Grade I.

What is a Grade II Listed Property?

Grade II listed buildings are split into two categories – simply Grade II or Grade II*. All Grade II listed properties are of special architectural interest, with Grade II* being of particular national importance. The latter represents just over 5% of all listed properties, so most residential properties are simply categorised as Grade II

Buy a Listed Property

There are pros and cons that come with buying, and living in, a listed property. Listed buildings are usually unique, stand-out properties that allow homeowners to feel a part of our country’s history. These grand, historic properties are usually highly sought-after and buyers can be reassured that the utmost care has gone into restoring and maintaining their beauty. On the downside, renovations can be harder, as Listed Building Consent, or more involved planning permission needs to be considered.

Unauthorised building works may be a criminal offence. Buying a Grade II listed building won’t be for everyone, but for those willing to take on the additional responsibility, it can be incredibly rewarding with long-term gains more likely as listed buildings have historically seen higher capital growth.

Selling a Grade II Listed Property

Once a decision has been made to sell a listed property, it’s important to work with an estate agent who understands the nuances of listed homes, and more importantly, is equipped to communicate this to potential buyers.

The DOMVS team has years’ of experience selling listing homes and is always available to support you with the sale of your listed property.

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