Bungalows for Sale in Dorset

Bungalows For Sale in Dorset

In the UK, approximately 10% of homes are bungalows, and according to the Sunday Times, demand for bungalows is increasing. And we can see why. With multiple benefits, the bungalow is now a home for all ages offering a unique, modern way of living. This surge in popularity isn’t confined to downsizers or retirees however; younger buyers are also recognising their appeal. 

Dorset is blessed with many bungalows, yet those for sale are generally snapped up quickly. Many bungalows were built in seaside towns when those of pensionable age wanted a retirement by the coast. Some retirees still do, but as this style of property is starting to register with a wider group of buyers, there is more competition for bungalows for sale. 

In our experience, bungalows tend to retain their value, making them sound investments, but if you’re buying or selling a bungalow, it’s important to seek the advice of an agent who understands their unique appeal. Here are some of our top tips.

Benefits of Buying a Bungalow

Single-story properties, or bungalows as they’re better known, are particularly attractive due to their versatile nature. Bungalow residents come from all demographics, from new, or growing families, to those looking to see out their retirement. The open-plan design of bungalows also lends itself to customisation and adaptability, something that is always high on a buyer’s priority list. 

Bungalows tend to occupy a larger footprint than storied houses and usually on wide plots with a sizeable garden. One of the main benefits that draws buyers to bungalows is their energy efficiency. With a single floor to heat or cool, it can provide potential savings on utility bills – something that’s more important than ever. 

Still not convinced? Of course, subject to planning permission, there is always the option to add another floor and double the living space. We have also seen some poorly constructed inter-war bungalows built on great plots in wonderful locations knocked down and rebuilt! 

Living in a bungalow is like having your own apartment, but with added benefits. You get the convenience of no neighbours above or below, your own front door, and ample parking space. Plus, bungalows often feature generous gardens, perfect for outdoor relaxation and entertaining.

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Have a Bungalow to Sell or Let?

 If you’re looking to sell or let your bungalow in Dorset, you’ll need the expertise of a well versed estate agent, with extensive experience and knowledge. We offer three instant, free ways to get your property valued. For a sales valuation, click here. For a rental valuation, click here.

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 DOMVS has a wide range of bungalows to buy or rent, and are always available to answer any questions you may have. To contact your nearest DOMVS office, click here. We are house experts; we are also bungalow experts. Please call us to discover the range and advantages of bungalow living.

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