Inventories – the Devil is in the Detail

That freshly painted front door, well-manicured front lawn, the oh-so-shiny-you-can-see-your-face-in it granite worktop must all be itemised in an inventory or schedule of condition as some like to call it. It is one of the most important documents involved with letting out your property. Gone are the days when a handwritten note is sufficient, they say the devil is in the detail and this could not be truer. A comprehensive inventory is the best way to minimise the risk of a dispute. Some Landlords feel that if a property is let unfurnished, an inventory is unnecessary; how wrong they are. Everything within the property needs to be recorded and photographed, including fixtures and fittings such as kitchen units and work surfaces, as well as carpets and décor. Should there be any existing damage, this must also be recorded in detail.

A badly made inventory or no inventory at all could prove to be very costly to a Landlord. Deposit deductions must be justified and, to do this, evidence of the condition of the property at the commencement of the tenancy must be recorded and proven.

We advise all our Landlords to have a professional inventory carried out, which we arrange through a specialist inventory company. This is an unbiased report, which provides both parties the protection they need from any potential problems at the end of the tenancy and ensures that both the Landlord and Tenant are treated fair right from the start.

Don’t let lack of detail at the beginning of the tenancy cause you problems at the end.
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