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At Medusa Apothecary, we believe there is no time like the present when it comes to becoming more sustainable, ethical and in-tune with the elements that make up the environment in which we live and the substance of our being. During the first lockdown, we created ‘The Elements’, Medusa Apothecary’s signature therapies. Created out of love just for you, ‘The Elements’ have been designed to ground, rebalance, energise and instil an ultimate sense of well-being within your very core. Your journey begins with the selection of an affirmation rune that will be interwoven in your therapy and drawn onto your body in magical tree essences. A hand-blended mix of herbs is then smudged to purify you, the tools and the space. All elemental therapies are tailored with pre-blended oils and essences to your affirmation and chosen element. At the end of your journey, all treatments are concluded with a bespoke mix of herbs and flowers in a tea infusion.

Earth – to ground and centre.

A clearing of barriers between body and earth to ground you and make you feel more present and ‘in the moment’. We begin with an exfoliation of the legs and feet followed by a full body mud mask, wrap and weighted blanket (like a great big muddy hug). After showering away the mud, you’ll enjoy a full body massage to pummel away your stresses and strains.

Air – like walking on fluffy clouds.

This bespoke treatment will revitalise your legs and feet. By using a combination of hand-blended products, we will cleanse, tone and nourish your pins and tootsies, leaving you feeling like you’re walking on air. The Air treatment includes a brisk body brush followed by a salt scrub up to the glutes. After the scrub, your feet will enjoy a nourishing treatment with heated booties. This will conclude with a lower body massage with a specially selected blend of ‘air’ infused oils.

Fire – to clear the dead wood.

If you’re seeking an invigorated version of yourself, this will help you shed your yesterdays and emerge anew. A brisk full body scrub (mixed just for you with a unique recipe of essential oils) to buff away dead skin cells is followed by a hot stone massage to nourish, tone and centre.

Water – to reshape and hydrate.

A blissed-out upper body treat. Wash away your stress with an Ayurvedic hydro-dhara essential oil infusion trickled slowly onto the scalp, followed by a divine Indian head massage to erode the troubles that ail you. Our targeted facial massage will lift and smooth, using our West Country-created lotions and potions to nourish and rebalance. This wonderful facial treatment is topped off with a blow dry to make you look as fabulous as you feel.

Spirit – love your beautiful self.

Spirit is a full mind, body and soul treatment. We smudge to remove any negativity before realigning your chakras to encourage a smooth flow of energy through your body’s meridian pathways. You will experience a full body massage using rose essentials oils, crystals and the healing power of touch to realign, comfort and uplift. A truly blissful experience help you to realise a more beautiful you.

The WEF’s ‘Great Reset’

In line with the WEF’s ‘Great Reset’ (the rebuilding of society and the economy in a more sustainable way following the COVID-19 pandemic), we at Medusa Apothecary are doing everything we can to ensure we make minimal impact on our environment while adhering to pandemic restrictions and maintaining the highest standards of health hygeine. Our hair salon uses products that are ethical, have recycled and recyclable packaging and are concocted with cruelty-free, ‘nasty’-free, organic and biodynamic ingredients. We are also a proud member of the Green Salon Collective, meaning we recycle our hair clippings to help clean up petrochemical spills; compost our aluminium foil and colour tubes to create new metals; and our colour waste is spun into its different compounds and repurposed. When it comes to the PPE required during all treatments, we use only compostable hair gowns, gloves and cleaning materials.

To book your treatment, please call 01305 260888 or email [email protected] and we will be delighted to curate a treatment plan just for you.

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