Art in the Garden

Art in the Garden

Perennial colour from Galiani Glass Art

Who would think of putting art in the garden? Why ever would you want to do this? At Galiani Glass Art, we think it’s the perfect place to show off the properties of glass and add incredible colours to your garden.

Glass provides you with striking colour all through the year, stunning effects, and a definite ‘wow’ factor. You can choose to position your sculpture in dappled shadow, where the light and shade create amazing patterns and a moving kaleidoscope of colour within the glass, or in full sun where each location adds a different aspect to the design and the design process.

In winter and spring, gardens can look a bit lacklustre, with little colour to brighten them up. This is where a glass sculpture in the garden delivers you colour and beauty all year round, with arresting garden architecture that blends with and adds to your garden design.

The great news is that the colours in glass don’t fade, you don’t have to water them, and they don’t need a lot of weeding, making it a perfect addition to the garden.

Our surroundings affect the way we feel, our mood and our positivity. It is well known that sunshine, colour, nature and art have positive effects on our mind and spirit. As many of us found out during lockdown, our gardens nurture us. They help us foster a feeling of wellbeing that supports us through the ups and downs and day-to-day stresses life throws our way.

With that in mind, we at Galiani began to utilise our design skills and glass craftsmanship to develop art for the garden in our own special way. We meet the challenges of design, function and the essence of year-round colour in our Glass Art creations.

Our Sculptures are all bespoke, often having a stainless steel form designed and made in-house and polished to a high shine, to hold the beautiful glass and complement the shapes and colours within, as well as adding a further dimension of reflection to the overall impact. Easy to keep clean, just a wipe with a damp cloth is all that may be needed. Just sit back and enjoy the addition to your garden.

We have already been fortunate enough to have had our sculptures featured at Chelsea Flower Show and on display at Cotswold Sculpture Park in 2022. We are now designing pieces to have on display at RHS Prairie Garden in Sussex and additional sculpture parks throughout 2023 – so do look out for new pieces coming to our website and social media.

Imagine a glass and metal sculpture in your garden as distinctive as the ones pictured here. To begin the process, all you need to do is contact us and arrange to come and visit our studio for a chat over coffee. Bring any ideas you may have with you, and we can go from there. We will start with design sketches and, once we have your approval, will move into the making process. You can even pop in to see how the design is building – exciting times!

We love to work with potential clients, discussing their ideas, colour choices and thoughts for their design to get a good understanding of what they’re visualising. We add in our experience and knowledge to create just the individual piece of art to compliment your garden space. You can be assured we take pride in the high quality and impact of the finished sculpture.

You can arrange to visit our Galiani Glass Art studio outside Poole, and you will find us at our own solo exhibition at Walford Mill from Wednesday 5th July – Sunday 30th July 2023.

Ian Godfrey and Gail Boothman are the driving forces behind Galiani Glass Art. Working with glass in different ways for nearly 15 years, they are known for their wide range of glass art creations for homes and gardens, and have their work in private collections. For more information, visit:
Instagram (Gail): @gailboothman_galianiglassart
Instagram (Ian): @iangodfrey_galianiglassart

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