How to Dress Your Table for Hallowe’en

Now, let’s get two bits out the way to start with: no, you don’t have to dress your table for Hallowe’en, and yes, it really is that time of year already! But let’s see why it might be a good idea to think about it.

What most people don’t realize is that, for the majority of us, we don’t remember facts and figures too well. Moreover, most of us really don’t care about how many plug sockets there are in a room, and most don’t really remember many of the details about the decoration or which way a garden faced! All we do remember, most of all, is the feeling a property left us with.

That feeling, the ‘X Factor’, is the emotional reaction that says this property is the right one. More often than not, it is incredibly difficult to identify why that feeling has arisen. More so when it happens in a property that doesn’t seem to make logical sense! But this feeling is often the driving force behind why people pick one property over another.

So what? Hallowe’en isn’t exactly the most ‘touchy feely’, ‘warm and cuddly’ holiday, is it?

No, it’s not, that’s for sure. But, by humanizing your property, and by humanizing yourselves to potential buyers – putting character to the mysterious title ‘vendor’ -you’d be amazed at how this changes viewer’s response to your home.

Imagine for a moment, your viewers have small children and they see a table dressed for a great Hallowe’en – perhaps some pumpkins as a center-piece, some cobwebs strategically placed, or a ‘scary’ menu at each place setting – imagine how they will react. They’ll think it’s great! And their parents will see them happy, and engaged, not bored, and impatient to leave. What impression does that give the parents? That your property is a great family home, one in which their family would be happy.

What about if the viewers don’t have children?

Granted, it may not have the same impact but it will still allow the viewers an insight into the kind of person that lives there. It may encourage them to reminisce about their childhood, or even just make them chuckle. Either way, you have humanized the property, given it a bit of character, and made it stand out from the others they have already seen that day.

Moreover, and people often forget this, when negotiating for a property many people often forget that we negotiate with people! Through little gestures such as this, purchasers are reminded that ‘vendors’ are people too. This leads to easier and more constructive negotiations when both sides are able to identify with the other’s needs. In short, people negotiate well with people.

It’s amazing, the power of these little gestures.

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