Changing Estate Agents

Changing Estate Agents: Top Tips from DOMVS

Written by Alison Owens, Associate Director, DOMVS Wareham estate agents

A great estate agent will be working hard to sell your home at the best price, in a timeframe that suits you. By putting some really good marketing together, negotiating the best price out of the marketplace and then progressing  the sale to a conclusion, we keep our clients at the forefront of everything we do and aim to make the whole process as stress free as we can.

Sometimes, for some agents things don’t work out that way. Has your home been on the market for a little while, are you feeling disappointed and let down? Do you feel that reducing the price the only option left for you? You could always change agent.

It might be that your choice of agent promised you big things, that just didn’t materialise, or that they were very attentive at the start, trying to win favour, but now their contact is dwindling. It might feel like you are no longer a priority to them.

On the other hand, you may think your agent really has done their best, but for some reason things just haven’t worked out, and it’s probably time for a fresh perspective.

How do you do this?

Be clear on exactly what’s not working for you. We find that it is helpful to understand what it is exactly, that hasn’t gone so well. Write a list of all the things that you are unhappy with and all the things that have been addressed and those things that you think haven’t been addressed.

Usually, a contract between an Estate Agent and their client is for a number of weeks and will have a period of notice outlined. Check this out, so you are clear how to plan the next steps.

If you’re ready to change your Estate Agent  ask your friends and family which agents they would recommend in the local area and why. Find  their reviews on Google and Facebook so you can get a broad feel for the agent you are choosing.

The next step would be to have a chat with a new Estate Agent, armed with all the information you have brought together in order to make your decision. It is a good idea to have a number of questions ready, to put to your new Estate Agent, don’t feel that you have to shy away from having a conversation about what has gone wrong and what has gone right.

  • Why do you think our home hasn’t sold? Is it the price, the marketing, the presentation…?
  • Is there anything you think we need to do or change about the presentation and styling of our home to achieve the best price?
  • What will you do differently to our previous agent? This is a really important question, be mindful of your list of issues.
  • How do you plan to market our home? This should give you an insight into how proactive they are, how much they understand your situation.
  • How often will you communicate with us, will you give us all the feedback and updates good and bad? Often times, lack of communication is the biggest issue that sellers face, find out how often you will be expecting a call.

You deserve to feel like you are the centre of this experience, and that you will have the right amount of support and guidance.

We, at DOMVS estate agents in Wareham, are proud of the way that we can find ways to market homes, even supposed “hard to sell homes”. We are tenacious and gracious about previous marketing history. We would love to have a confidential, open and honest conversation about the options open to you now. We’ll guide you to a pathway that will bring you success. Why hasn’t your house sold? What can we do about it?  We rarely suggest a price reduction but use our marketing skills. We keep our ear to the ground, to advise you on what potential buyers are now looking for in their next purchase. We can tell you in person, all about the different ways that would work for you.

Get in touch.

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