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The start of the year means back to work, new beginnings, changes and a time when serious buyers and sellers start looking at the next big move. Spring is a great time of the year to kick-start the process but savvy buyers and sellers will be browsing and researching early in the year in order to maximise the available market and get ahead of the game. So January is not too early and could be just the right time to make your property stand-out from the rest. Even the property agents will have returned to their desks rested and reinvigorated, keen to get those sales moving before the market becomes saturated later in the year. Waiting for the picture-perfect moments in Spring or Summer may mean missing out on those eager buyers.

The best time to sell a house is when there are the most amount of buyers actively looking to buy. January might seem like an unlikely month to put your property on the market but take a look at the statistics.

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January Quick Check

Why January is a great time to sell your house:

  • Online property portals allow people to look at property any time of the year.
  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from wherever makes online access to properties an easy option for more potential buyers who will not be put off by the winter weather.
  • At this time of the year potential buyers are serious buyers. Potential buyers will have spent time looking and researching and are more likely to be genuinely interested, so make time to get the place looking great.
  • Savvy buyers will be keen to see your property in winter. If a property meets expectations in the winter months, then buyers will be more confident about it all year round.
  • People are motivated to make changes at the start of the New Year A New Year, new beginnings, new hopes and desires. We’ve said goodbye to another Christmas, put the decorations away and look for new projects and ways to fulfil those good intentions. Moving may well be on the list.
  • More corporate relocations take place at the start of the year. Those looking to relocate for work will be on the lookout for properties early in the year.

January Selling Tips

  • Leave Christmas behind, put away the decorations
  • Spruce-up the garden
  • Spruce up the interior
  • Be flexible with viewings
  • Make it cosy and welcoming
  • Be a great host
  • Create illusion of space
  • Let the light in
  • Make that entrance really stand out

Why not get ahead of your competition and in front of the February buyers by marketing your property before the Spring rush?

If you’ve been thinking of selling, talk to us today.


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