7 Tips to De-Clutter

As Christmas gets closer our home can start to feel a little cramped. Guests, children, family, all seem to bring a lot of stuff! So, we asked around scoured the internet, and found the 9 best tips to de-clutter your home in time for Christmas!

  • Make it manageable
    • How do you eat an elephant? Your start with its toes! Don’t aim to get everything done in one day, start with 15 mins or a cupboard. It you spent 15 mins a day de-cluttering, by the end of the of the week you will have done an hour and ¾ but it will have felt like nothing!


  • Pick a small number of items to begin with
    • Are there particular items, toys, or clothes, which really annoy you? Perhaps they’re the ones always left strewn on the floor, or on the worktop? Start with them!


  • Fill one bag
    • This can be great for charity, as well as focusing your mind!


  • What causes the most problems?
    • Often, we start tidying and de-cluttering in a panic because ‘it’s all got too much’. It is often better to take minute, relax and actually think about what causes the problem. For example, how many toys to the children need? When was the last time you used that pot? Do you actually need some more storage?


  • Speaking of which…organize, then buy!
    • Buying what could turn out to be unnecessary organizers may just add to the problem, as well as being a needless expense.


  • Put yourself in someone else’s shoes…or better yet, bring them over!
    • Having a fresh pair of eyes can really help you get to the nub of the problem.


  • Good enough, is good an oeuf
    • You do not have to be a perfectionist!


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