5 Ways to Beautify Your Bedroom

Try starting from scratch: how could you reposition or re-arrange your furniture? It might be an idea to ask a friend to come and help, someone who’s not used to the current layout, as a fresh pair of eyes can really help you look at the room differently.

It might also be an idea to rethink the focal point of the room. Often we use windows, or another fixed feature as the focal point, but one could also a feature wall and re-orientate the room.

Finally, think about the positioning of the furniture; for example, does the bed need to touch the wall? A space behind the bed could be an unusual seating area, or can leave the room feeling bigger.

De-cluttering is one of the most cathartic things one can do. It is well-known that a messy bedroom can have a negative impact on one’s quality of sleep.

Think about throwing-out anything you haven’t used in a season, empty your wardrobe of clothes you haven’t worn in a year. Disguising the wires that are a product of today’s modern technology is also very important.

Cushions, rugs, throws, and curtains all add to that cosy feeling. Your bedroom is a place you want to feel most at peace, your escape from the world, and nothing does that better than a bit of luxury.

Adding a few extra cushions and throws to your bed and furniture will make a huge difference, as will having floor length curtains.

Lighting is the key component when trying to create atmosphere. Overhead lights can be too strong, so think about adding bedside lamps or getting creating by using fairy lights to highlight particular features and provide different textures of light.

Mirrors can have an very powerful impact on the feel of any room. Their ability to make rooms feel larger is well-known, but a floor-length mirror can add a real touch of luxury, as can a feature mirror. Equally as important, is a mirror’s ability to reflect and distribute light which helps to create that cosy atmosphere.

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Almanac Editor

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