Top Tips For Buying a Property in Dorset

Written by Trisha Ashby-Rudd, Wareham

Top Tips For Buying a Property in Dorset

There are many things to consider when buying a property, especially somewhere as appealing as popular Dorset, so here are a few Top Tips to give you the best start:

1. One of the first things to do when buying a property, if you’re not already familiar with the Dorset area, is to really investigate and scout where you have chosen to settle. Stay in some different places and find out what it feels like to wake up there. Go for a coffee, go for lunch, chat with the locals, and establish if the area is offering you the lifestyle you’re seeking.

2. If the location parameters are too wide for your property buying requirements, the search will be more difficult, as you won’t be able to compare like-for-like properties. In order to manage expectations, and know what is affordable, be clear about the location boundaries of your Dorset property search.

3. Find an agent that you get on with and be honest with them. Not only what you want, but what you don’t want too. It will help the agent to refine and define the property search for you. Decide what it is you REALLY can’t live without. It might be a garage, it might be a garden, it might be a view…….the more properties you view in your property buying search, the more likely you are to determine your ‘must haves’.

4. Have you found the perfect house? But then convinced yourself that it doesn’t have EVERYTHING on your wishlist? This isn’t uncommon when buying a property. Speak to your agent and they will help you navigate the conundrum. Ask yourself, “Would I walk away from my dream house, just because it doesn’t have something at this moment in time…..?”

5. If you can, and if appropriate, arrange a viewing tour, so you can view several properties on the same day, in order to compare locations, prices, and styles of properties in Dorset. You will have a greater perspective of what you can afford to buy in your property search budget.

6. Don’t forget to take notes of all the properties you have viewed as it’s easy to forget the details. Write on the brochure of the property, so that you can review it properly later.

7. Think about the offer that you want to put forward. Avoid “cheeky” offers if your agent advises against it, as it could upset the vendor, and start negotiations on the wrong foot. If you want the property, you want to maintain a good relationship. Think to yourself “What is my final offer? How much would I actually be prepared to pay to not lose this house?” Negotiating in dribs and drabs, will not bode well for future relationships.

8. The value that a property is marketed at, is not always straightforward. Get to know what the price tags mean. Here are some pointers:

  • Asking Price: The exact amount wanted.
  • OIEO (offers in excess of) / OO (offers over): The vendor is looking for above the printed price, but may well entertain an offer.
  • Guide Price: Very similar to OIEO, but the owner may be more flexible when it comes to offers

9. Be proceedable! That is, get ready to move. Get your money laundering documents in place, your funding lined up, and a solicitor at the ready. Your agent should be able to get you prepared for finding and securing your dream home to buy.

10. If Dorset is your preferred location, then speak to DOMVS. We’ve been selling and letting property in Dorset since 2005 and we can guide you through your search and provide support at every stage of the process.

If you’re looking for a property to buy in Dorset, then we recommend you register with one of our offices, in either Wareham, Dorchester or Preston, who will ensure that you’ll be amongst the first to hear about new properties coming onto the market.

Property in Dorset is currently in high demand, and it’s not uncommon for us to broker a sale without the property even coming onto the market, so you’ll certainly benefit from being registered to buy a Dorset property with DOMVS.

If you’re considering relocating to Dorset from further afield, the DOMVS Relocations Team can provide confidential and most importantly, FREE consultative support with your move. Read more here.

Trisha Ashby-Rudd

Trisha Ashby-Rudd

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