Top 10 Tips for Preparing Your Home to Sell

So, you’ve made the decision to sell your property and you’ve chosen an estate agent to get the job done…the next step, is to get your property prepared for going onto the market. Here are our Top 10 Tips for showcasing your property in its best light and maximising impact at each viewing.

1. Eliminate clutter

Keep children’s toys out of sight wherever you can – packing them away for the move and just letting them have a different one each day can also really help keep their interest fresh. Keep ornaments to a minimum so people can visualise their own belongings more easily. Pack away your summer clothing so wardrobes seem bigger. Clean out the garage. Create space wherever you can – if you seem ‘squashed in’ it can easily act as a deterrent. Less is definitely more when it comes to selling your property.

2. Wash your windows inside and out

Size and light are two of the top selling points for any property and you’d be amazed at the difference in light levels when you ensure your windows are crystal clear. Rooms can feel bigger too.

3. Keep everything extremely clean

Make sure those bathroom facilities are squeaky clean and the kitchen is sparkling. Paint work should be free of dirty marks. Yesterday’s washing-up, or the odour of a wet dog, or delicious curry, can kill that initial first interest. Whilst it can be hard work to ensure carpets are hoovered, bedrooms are tidy etc, it is essential to demonstrate your home is well-looked after if you are to gain maximum price when selling your property. Use a cleaning company to get you on the right track if time is of the essence.

4. Use high wattage bulbs

Interior lighting is never more important than in the gloomy winter months. Don’t let your viewers be the first to discover that you have forgotten to ensure light fittings have working bulbs: bedside table lamps, especially the guest bedrooms are often the first to be forgotten. Also ensure that key areas have sufficiently high wattage, with hallways and landings being particularly important when selling.

5. Make as many minor repairs as possible

Ensure kitchen cabinets open and shut easily, doorknobs are properly attached, there are no light sockets hanging from the wall, dripping taps are fixed, and any unfinished painting is completed and grouting is re-freshened. Smaller things are noted, and viewers will assume that if little things are ignored, then the bigger things will have been too.

6. Get your garden in order

It’s so easy to forget the garden in winter, but it’s so important that people can still imagine the outside space to be inviting in the warmer months. Keep the patios clean, rake up any dead leaves, trim bushes and edge the walks. Even in winter it’s possible to have some colourful pots near the entrance. A garden will always be an important consideration for any prospective buyer, so it’s essential to have it looking its best.

7. Check your driveway or walkway

Make sure access to your home is welcoming. Check the gravel is neat and tidy. Any cracks in the concrete are filled in. Broken bricks are replaced. And the entrance is swept.

8. Clean out your gutters

Any good maintenance programme needs to include this. Blocked gutters can cause all sorts of damp problems if left unattended. Make sure your viewer (and any surveyor) do not see evidence of blocked guttering.

9. Inviting signage

Polish your front doorknob and door number. If you have a plaque with your house name, make sure it looks fresh and well-maintained. This is the ‘window’ to your house. Make sure it’s a good one.

10. Make it cosy

You may be out all day, but when your viewer arrives, make sure your heating is timed to coincide with the appointment. It’s hard for a viewer to emotionally engage with a house when they’re cold. A warm and cosy experience can have a considerable impact on whether it ‘feels like home’.


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