Cosy Up for Christmas

Phaedra Radestock of artisan candle company Purbeck Candles invites you to fill your home with joyful festive scent.

Winter, a time to cosy up and make your home an inviting space full of rich spicy scents. It’s the time for candles and open fires, for nights snuggling under warm blankets, watching old movies or reading that book you’ve had on the shelf since last Christmas. For sharing good food and wine with friends while the wind rattles the window pains. I love winter. From baggy jumpers to log fires, I love the closing of the year, long nights to cosy up as the natural world slowly goes to sleep. The scent of winter is different; gone are the light, floral and herby aromas of summer. It’s now time for rich, earthy blends, slightly spicy, but packed full of warm woody notes.

Kick back and relax, it’s been a long year and you deserve a few hygge moments.

Phaedra X
Instagram: @purbeckcandles

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