Ten Moons Sisterhood

Ten Moons Sisterhood

NEST welcomes you to Motherhood Retreats

We know how hard motherhood can be and how tired it can make us feel, as well as knowing how hard it can be to find time to take care of you. With this in mind, we decided to curate a day retreat just for mothers – whether you are in the antenatal or postnatal period of your motherhood, you are WELCOME.

We hold space for you to be you in the company of our Ten Moons Sisterhood. The day begins with a warm welcome of hot drinks and pastries as you enter our ‘hygge’-inspired sanctuary. The morning is filled with talks and discussions as well as meditation, gentle yoga and opportunity to weave in the ancient wisdom of crafting in community. There will be a delicious plant-based, homecooked Dorset lunch inspired by the season, followed by home-baked treats in the afternoon. Our spa space will be open, with our brilliant therapist Zoe on hand to offer you a divine reflexology treatment or dreamy facial, all included in your ticket price. Aimee will be sharing her mothering-by-the-moon yoga practices, and Lucy will be taking private 1:1 consultations throughout the day (usual investment price £65). In addition, the brilliant mothering-by-the-moon yoga practices, and Lucy will be taking private 1:1 consultations throughout the day (usual investment price £65). In addition, the brilliant Faye from Play & Bloom, qualified Nanny and forest school leader, will be there to take care of your little one as and when you need, with our in-house crêche service. We close our day with a beautiful mother-blessing ceremony.

It is going to be a day for you to be mothered. With downtime too for reading and journaling, we know you will leave feeling refreshed, revived and, most importantly, nourished from the inside out.

This part of womanhood was never supposed to be walked alone. Having a baby is hard; hard on the heart, the body and the mind. It’s also hard being a mother and dealing with everything life sends your way. It can affect mood, relationships, worthiness and so much more, but what if this wild and beautiful ride could be shared, and worries could be shared? This beautiful retreat is an opportunity to breathe. To come as you are for a big day of love, nourishment and movement. We want you to remember the goddess you are, feel powerful in your position as a mother and know you are not alone. A space is held for you at the gorgeous Launceston Farm, Dorset, to spend journeying back to you.

Book your space now for only £50. We cannot wait to welcome you.

NEST – Nurture, Educate, Support – Together

An Early Years Consultancy supporting you and your family from pregnancy right through to when your little one starts school. With a team of highly qualified consultants, NEST can support you from packing a hospital bag and preparing for the arrival of your baby, to infant feeding, weaning, sleep, toilet training, managing emotions, and so much more – either as a 1:1 consultation or through one of our workshops. With a passionate team who ensure you feel heard, supported and empowered, we work alongside you to offer advice and support which works for you and your little one.

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