6 Estate Agent Secrets You Might Not Know

We take A LOT of inspiration from your home and put it into our own

When we visit your home, we do notice the little things. From the blanket draped over your armchair and the artwork hanging on your walls to the choice of tiles you have used in your bathroom, we love seeing everything you have done in your homes, and it inspires us in our own. It also gives us the confidence to move away from white walls and grey carpets, and add some colour and uniqueness. Don’t worry, we will always give you credit when our friends and family comment on our style choices.


We are always happy to meet well-behaved children

We love meeting children on property viewings. We spend most of our working day being serious and professional, speaking with solicitors and dealing with some difficult situations, so when a child is at a viewing, we are always delighted by how easily their unique questions and outlook brighten our day. We are more than happy to talk about their day at school or what animal is on their jumper (as long as they don’t touch anything!).


If you have your dog in the car, we always want to say hello

We always appreciate you being understanding of the fact that the vendors of the property you’re viewing may not want a dog in their home. DOMVS, however, is awash with animal lovers, and we love meeting dogs – big, small, barking, muddy or sleepy! Besides the fact we just love giving them a good fuss, getting to know your dog and what they need from your next home helps us to find you the perfect property.


We are happy to show you the loft, but please let us open it for you

When showing you round a property, we will show you every aspect from the garage and garden shed to the cellar, under-stairs cupboard and loft. Every loft hatch is different, however; some have their quirks and we will already have been shown how best to open them by the property vendors. When you’re viewing a property and offer to open the loft hatch yourself, we know you’re just curious and trying to save us a job, but the thought of the hatch opening only for a ladder to come crashing down on top of you is, for us, a very real and frightening thought. Your safety is of the utmost importance to us, so please let us open the loft for you.

Taking your own photographs is fine by us, but we don’t want to be in them

It is sometimes the case when you view a property that an important member of your party can’t attend. In this instance, we completely understand that you might want to take photos to help you describe the property to them as best as possible once you get home. We would really rather not be in those pictures, please. We are only human and may consider ourselves to be having a bad hair day or not on our ‘best side’, so please don’t be offended if we hide behind a door or in the hallway while you’re snapping away.


Tea and coffee fuels us all day, every day, so we are always delighted when you offer us a cup

There are times when we are out of the office for the majority of the day, meaning we miss out on all the lovely, revitalising tea and coffee rounds. When we visit you to value your home or discuss your purchase, we will always gratefully accept the offer of a hot drink – it is also a useful ice-breaker that can help both you and us feel more relaxed.

Polly Greenway

Polly Greenway

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